A Solution To The Unknown

A spate of emotions bolts down your heart
and spatters as far as it can go,
leaving you with a young heart but an old soul.
The tears you cry are bitter and warm ,
they flow with life but take no form.
your wondering , should I move on?
because what I had is now gone.
Its to backbreaking to move on.
my heart is torn!
How could there be a key if theres no lock to unbolt it?
How could there be an answer if you place the puzzle bit by bit but dont show it?
The contribution you need to renew your soul.
Its a solution to the untold.
A  solution to the unknown cant be answered if its is not sold.


{ This poem is for people in the world who have a hard time speaking up.. how can it be an solution to what’s bothering you if you don’t speak up? THE solution can’t come about unless you express what’s wrong ?until then the unknown is left to guide you ) #SupportMyBookComeSeptember #Bless


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