I’ve Been Eating Poetry

Undistinguished words fall out my mouth;

Jumps on the page an creates what I’m scared to say.

I’ve been devouring poetry, in a indistinguishably way

Can you hear me now ?


{ I’ve been eating poetry is a poem I wrote at 13. Many people could never understand me.  I’m hard to figure out. Once I get a pencil an paper maybe then you can understand me. I believe writing is a precious gift for those who are going through something in life. Most of us start off with the gift to write, while others loose it as time pass by. Writing is my best friend. If you couldn’t hear me before! after I eat up a couple  words that describes my emotion, you will soon hear me now. Do writing come easy to you ?or will you let the gift slip away ?}



2 thoughts on “I’ve Been Eating Poetry

  1. I love your poem at 13! I wish I had the talent to really speak my mind then. I wrote young but it was mostly copying what I thought poetry was back then.

    I am very familiar with that feeling of not being understood –


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