Following Your Destiny

“I had the easiest publishing experience in the entire world. I sent out fifteen courier letters to agents, got five no replies, nine rejections and one I want to see it. A month later I had an agent. Another month later I had a three book deal with Little Brown. “

Stephenie Meyer

Stephenie Meyers had a dream. The dream was so vivid it didn’t leave her head that very next day. Stephenie begin to pursue the dream. At first she wrote the book for her own enjoyment. Until her sister read it. An considered she send it to publishing companies. Denied by most, one company decided to look into the book.In the year 2005 the book ” Twilight ” went straight to the top of the charts.


Stephenie Meyers is no different from other people who come across things such as a dream or that strong feeling that you can make a difference some way. Stephenie Meyers is not only an inspiration to me, but she is one of many authors who gives me hope to believe that in one minute anything can change; Anything can happen. From a dream something that is common , something that people take for granted, it changed this women in the direction of her destiny. God can do all things but by any means he will put you on the path to your destiny an change your world forever. Are you following your Destiny ? or are you afraid of making a change? You could be another Stephenie Meyers if you believe in yourself. After all it was all a dream.



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