Putting you first

Trusting your heart

“It’s hard to feel desire when you don’t feel desirable”
Christine Feehan, Safe Harbor

you have to love yourself before you can ever love anyone else. If you don’t have a relationship with yourself your screwed. If you cant find joy in being alone your doomed! after three months of sitting here alone I realized that none of it was worth it. Never apologize for how you feel its like being sorry for being real. Being real is what is important. Its a key to loving yourself.

Easier said then done? Maybe!? With enough experience I’m speaking from what I know.


look with in
  • Keep up with your emotional state. Its said that we control our own moods. Lyrically speaking “what you put out is what you receive back.”
  • what you receive back.”
  • Treat yourself , don’t cheat yourself. When I’m feeling down I go to Godiva and get me strawberries covered in white chocolate.
  • Have alone time Turn on some music an pour a glass of wine
  • Say no and mean it if its going to hurt you in the end, don’t be afraid to say no.
  • Go out for a walk , paint a picture. Take the time out to show yourself how much you care! who knows? You may run into your soulmate while doing it.




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